Vicarius Named 2020 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor

New York, NY – Sept. 24, 2019 – Vicarius, a leading provider of software to protect against exploitation, announces today its selection by TAG Cyber as a Distinguished Vendor in this year’s 2020 Security Annual.

Vicarius and DReA - Out With The Old, In With The New Tech

They say don't fix what isn't broken, but what if the solutions could be made simpler? With Da Ros e Associati (DRea), expect to get only the most innovative, state-of-the-art technology that collapses old security layers.

Vicarius and i2ss - Safety First

Cybersecurity is crucial for any industry, but so is where you get your cybersecurity solutions. Not only do you want a team that can deliver, but also a team that cares about your safety. 'Safety First' is what the team at I2 Sistemas y Seguridad Informática (i2ss) always have in mind when they provide safeguard information security to their clients.

Vicarius and Wise Solutions - Reaching New Heights With IT

With information technology taking over the world, across almost every industry, there is no surprise that more companies are looking for advice on how to use these technologies to better their results. This is where Wise Solutions comes into play -- Helping organizations reach new heights with IT.

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Vicarius and DigiSec360 - Protecting Indian Businesses

53,000 security incidents were reported to CERT-In, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, in 2017 alone. There was a cyber-security incident in India every 10 minutes. Nevertheless, an economy that grows between 7-8 percent a year (from 2016 to 2018) tends to focus on keeping up the momentum, putting security concerns aside.

Vicarius and AMATAS - The Force Multipliers

Few people know that Bulgaria is the only country in Europe that hasn't changed its name since the day it was established. Not only that, the Bulgarian army has never lost a battle since its inception in 681 AD.

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Vicarius and Infinyt - The New Mayan Revolution

While most archaeological finds can be explained, the bridges, water systems and roads of the Mayan tribe remain a mystery. It's hard to know how Mayan engineers constructed tall buildings that were not exceeded in height until the first skyscraper was built in the US in 1885, how they invented the blast furnace 2,000 years before it was patented in England, and vulcanized rubber more than 2,600 years before Goodyear.

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