OSINT Tools – Pt.3


OSINT – Pt.2 – Intelligence Cycle and OSINT Framework

OSINT Basics – What is OSINT and Why Do We Need It?

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John the Ripper Pt.4


In this article – the last in our John the Ripper series – we would like to focus on how we can use John to crack SSH keys, as well as mention some basics of Custom Rules.


John the Ripper Pt. 3


It should come as no surprise that John can also deal with .zip and .rar archives. John does this by leveraging the zip2john and rar2john utilities, built in the tool, so that it can ingest something that it will know how to use. The syntax is pretty much the same, and by now, you should be quite familiar with it; still, we will use this article to show some examples of how we can make our .zip and .rar archives John-ready. As we will see, this is akin to the unshadow tool we’ve used previously.


What is Vulnerability Prioritization?

In an ideal world, security teams would remediate all vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered, eliminating both small and large risks. However, zero inboxing in the world of vulnerability management is a mere pipe dream. 

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What is Automated Patching?

The easiest way to fix known vulnerabilities is through patching. The major challenges are often gaining approval from app owners and in executing the change approval process.

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What is Risk-Based Vulnerability Management?

Risk-based vulnerability management is the process of reducing vulnerabilities across the attack surface of an organization’s assets by prioritizing remediation based on the risks they pose. 

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