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Beyond Security Announces Technology Partnership with Vicarius

Sacramento, CA - Beyond Security, a global leader in automated penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, today announced their technology partnership with Vicarius, an Israel-based vulnerability prioritization, and remediation company. This partnership will extend the detection and response capabilities of beSECURE by leveraging Vicarius’ TOPIA 0-day analysis engine, usage-based threat prioritization, and patchless protection for an all-in-one threat mitigation solution.

Security Vulnerability Examples

As the threat landscape changes, the ability to address the most common types of security vulnerabilities is vital for robust protection. As information becomes the most essential asset for an organization, cybersecurity gains much more importance. To successfully conduct your business and preserve the hard-earned reputation of your company, you need to protect your data from malicious attacks, data breaches and hackers. 

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Zoom Security Vulnerabilities

As if times haven’t been hard enough, businesses are dealing with new security threats while employees work from home and some have major issues with one of the most popular video conferencing platforms, Zoom.

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What is a Vulnerability?

This article will offer a quick guide to vulnerabilities – what they are, how they can be exploited and the consequences of exploitation. A vulnerability is a weakness in an asset that can be exploited by cyber attackers. It’s a known issue that allows an attack to succeed. 

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Security Vulnerability Remediation

Nowadays, everyone in the software development ecosystem should be aware of the security risks that lie in unmanaged open source vulnerabilities. Most people are familiar with some security vulnerabilities that make headlines, but many people do not know that they are only a sliver of the thousands of vulnerabilities that are revealed every year.

The Most Common Security Vulnerabilities

An accidental or unintended flaw in any system or software code that makes it exploitable in terms of access to illegal users or malicious behaviors such as worms, trojans, viruses or any other malware is known as a security vulnerability. The use of software that has already been exploited or the use of default or weak passwords may also lead to making the system vulnerable.  

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Common Vulnerabilities Exposure (CVE)

Organizations and business enterprises are bound by many regulations and industry standards to always monitor their networks and systems. All potential threats and risks that may come from malicious activities are managed effectively. In order to do this, all business operations must be streamlined. Companies utilize many products to achieve this integration. However, this makes monitoring for vulnerabilities difficult because of the complexity of various tools.

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