What's in a Name?


This is a line taken from the insanely famous play Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare. Bill was trying to say that names are just a convention and there is really no meaning behind them.

Well, I respectfully disagree. In fact, our new name for the product takes on more meaning than before. Allow me to start my soliloquy:

So, what’s the deal with this vRx?! 

According to most sources, Rx is derived from the Latin word “recipe” meaning “to take”. It's now universally understood as the symbol for a prescription drug. You can see on the prescription pads this symbol appears:


Essentially this note allows the patient to receive the prescription from the pharmacist. So if we adapt it to our scenario, our customers are the patients and our-product-formerly-known-as-Topia is the prescription 🙂💊

So we figured, “hey, let’s adapt this to our brand”. So we slapped a “v” in front of it (standing for Vicarius) and boom! vRx was born. Take that Shakespeare! 

We’ve always considered ourselves top purveyors of the most advanced prescription to treat vulnerability ailments. And with our wolf pharmacists working hard behind the scenes to test and develop new medications, we will be here to support you no matter what CVE infection comes your way!


Branded house, Hogwarts style

As part of our growth and maturation, we’re doing our own little brand architecture consolidation. You may have seen us teasing this already with vconnect and vsociety. We have much more coming down the pipeline to round out the Hogwarts School of Infosec and Pentesting. Peep a look:

template theme_updated __ vicarius presentations-1

It works like a hurricane 🌀 (shoutout to all my cyclone peeps in the Indian Ocean). vRx puts you in the eye of the storm and then rockets you out into the outer ayers. If we were meteorologists, we'd call it Tropical Storm Vicarius 😉

So once you get in with vRx, you can never leave! 



Happy vuln hunting 😜


Written by Evan Kling

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