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The Wolf Pack Keeps Growing 😅🐺🧠

Say it ain't so! (Oh, I'll say it! 😜)

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The Wolf Pack is Growing 🧠🐺

The pack just got a little larger 😎

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Beyond Security Announces Technology Partnership with Vicarius

Sacramento, CA - Beyond Security, a global leader in automated penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, today announced their technology partnership with Vicarius, an Israel-based vulnerability prioritization, and remediation company. This partnership will extend the detection and response capabilities of beSECURE by leveraging Vicarius’ TOPIA 0-day analysis engine, usage-based threat prioritization, and patchless protection for an all-in-one threat mitigation solution.

Automated Vulnerability Remediation - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The way we identify, prioritize, and mitigate software vulnerabilities was built in reverse order. Why did it happen? How can we make things different?

Beyond Subjectivity: Sharpening CVSS with Asset Context

Vulnerability prioritization is a key aspect of vulnerability remediation and threat tracking. It allows companies to strategize their mitigation paths for security weaknesses based on the criticality of cyber risk with the right organizational context.

Vulnerability Rich - Contextually Blind!

It’s not uncommon to find the traditional vulnerability assessment report buried under the CISO family picture, compliance books, and his latest blood pressure test. These reports highlight the never-ending battle between security and IT about what’s more important: risks to servers and endpoints, or keeping the environment up-to-date and secured. There are even problems within the ranks of each unit. Dysfunctional processes, lack of efficient communication, and rudimentary tools put even more pressure on the CIO and CISO.

There was a Drop in Vulnerability Disclosure, What's the Bad News?

As detection of backdoor vulnerabilities to the Android Operating System present increasingly lucrative potential, locating them has now become somewhat of a treasure hunt for hackers.

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Vicarius Offers Businesses Free Cyber Solution to Protect WFH Workforce

A recent Threatpost poll found that 40 percent of the companies transitioning to WFH experienced a spike in cyberattacks.

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