5 Biggest Patch Management Mistakes

One of the major challenges for IT experts is patching. In this article, we will review the 5 biggest patch management mistakes and ways to avoid them to keep your environment safe.

Patch Management Survival Guide

If the computer code fails to patch vulnerabilities, it can lead to loss of data that can cost more than what your organization can pay for. Below is a patch management survival guide that, if followed closely, will reduce the risk of data breach and other cyber crimes. 

Part Human, Part Machine: Leverage Automation To Bolster Your Defense

The sophistication of cybersecurity threats has outpaced the development of conventional security tools. Aside from automated and commoditized hacking methods such as file-based malware, botnets and viruses, advanced persistent threats (APTs) have also risen to become threats to anyone’s security. APTs are persistent malicious actors that attempt to gain access to sensitive information and infrastructure over a period of time.  

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Benefits of Automation in Cybersecurity

Gone are the days when IT security professionals fretted that the advantages of automation may take people away from their jobs. A larger percentage of cybersecurity experts believe that a skill shortage has affected their organizations, which continues to be a concern over the past few years.

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Most Common Mac Malware

Over the years, malware targeting Macs has changed from marginal to the mainstream. Windows users always need to check malicious programs. 

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Are Macs Safe from Spyware?

Spyware is one of the most deceptive malware out there. Can it infect Mac? Yes, it’s a Mac cyber security threat. Do not allow cyber attackers or other dubious characters to spy on you. Get spyware removal for Mac immediately. Whether you want to remove the spyware manually or with a spyware tool, you should remove spyware from your Macintosh or Apple system as quickly as possible.

Mac User? Pay Attention to These Threats

While Macs are typically more secure than their competitors, it does not mean they are impenetrable. Macs are vulnerable to cyber attacks as criminals are getting more sophisticated. Recently, Apple accidentally approved malware to run on MacOS. 

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Mac Ransomware: Fact or Fiction

There are different Mac security myths circulating among users. Therefore, how can you know if it’s fact or fiction? In this article, we’ll set the record straight when it comes to Mac ransomware and Mac cyber attacks.

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