What is Vulnerability Scanning?

If you are a cybersecurity veteran, you would know that one of the best ways to prevent a data breach is through vulnerability scanning.

Common Vulnerabilities Exposure (CVE)

Organizations and business enterprises are bound by many regulations and industry standards to always monitor their networks and systems. All potential threats and risks that may come from malicious activities are managed effectively. In order to do this, all business operations must be streamlined. Companies utilize many products to achieve this integration. However, this makes monitoring for vulnerabilities difficult because of the complexity of various tools.

Intelligence Gathering – from Reconnaissance to Exploitation

Back in the days as a security consultant, I was in charge of conducting various tasks such as security audits, security controls integration and more. The ones I enjoyed the most were penetration tests which demonstrate if and how can an attacker breach a target customer. Long story short, I was getting paid to break things so what is not to like?

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