Vicarius and Advent One Partner to Expand APAC Operations


Vicarius partners with automation, security, and hybrid cloud consultancy Advent One to boost cybersecurity detection and response capabilities in Asia Pacific region.

Advent One will use Vicarius' TOPIA platform for automated patch management, threat assessment and vulnerability management across remote devices, third party applications and a range of operating systems.

 "We're proud to partner with a company with such a rich track-record of solution deployment in the Australian market as Advent One. We share a vision of going beyond simply scanning for vulnerabilities, and enacting prioritization and remediation from a singular solution," said Vicarius CEO Michael Assraf 

Advent One CEO Jon Ossip said "As our customers accelerate their cloud computing, endpoint expansion and remote working scenarios their threat attack surface expands to the point where internal security teams are unable to keep up. The key areas where some companies fall short is in their patch management processes and their ability to assess, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities in third party applications and remote operating systems"

"Patch management and third-party application control, from an operational and cybersecurity perspective, has always been a deeply coordinated process that takes time, human effort and attention-to-detail. As cybersecurity threats have evolved and a large volume of attacks are being targeted at unpatched devices, endpoints or integrated third party applications, it became clear to our team that we needed to offer an automated, intelligent and 24-hour solution."

Advent One head of cybersecurity Wayne Glynne said "The benefit of Vicarius over incumbent vulnerability management technologies is the ability to automate, assess, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities in remote third party applications and operating systems. Its key strength is in cloud or hybrid cloud environments where many applications or devices are being added and incorporated frequently.

"Particularly, the Vicarius patchless protection and patch management focus through the Topia platform is flexible and allows security teams to deploy OS and patch updates remotely and automatically, to any device across the network. This is an exciting evolution that can reduce patch management task times from weeks down to hours."

To learn more about this partnership, contact us now.

Written by Evan Kling

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