5 Biggest Patch Management Mistakes

One of the major challenges for IT experts is patching. In this article, we will review the 5 biggest patch management mistakes and ways to avoid them to keep your environment safe.

Patch Management Survival Guide

If the computer code fails to patch vulnerabilities, it can lead to loss of data that can cost more than what your organization can pay for. Below is a patch management survival guide that, if followed closely, will reduce the risk of data breach and other cyber crimes. 

Challenges of Remote Working

Remote work is great because no co-workers or managers are hanging over your shoulder. No one is stealing your lunch from the office fridge. However, working from home has its challenges.

Protect Yourself from WFH Cyber Crime

Working from home may be a new thing to you, or you may be an experienced WFH cybersecurity expert. Nevertheless, with the present situation of things, most people stay at home for work. 

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WFH Do's and Don'ts

Nowadays, we are all dealing with an unprecedented situation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Employees from all over the world are working from home and trying to adapt to the remote work culture. 

What to Expect on Patch Tuesday

Microsoft releases security updates on Patch Tuesday every month. In order to manage these releases more efficiently, organizations and IT experts must know what to expect on Patch Tuesday.

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How To Secure Your Computer for #ComputerSecurityDay?

Vicarius’ TOPIA is the best-in-class enterprise software to prioritize, reduce and act against cyber risks and vulnerabilities. However, it’s main use is with corporate organizations and large-scale networks. For everyone else and for #ComputerSecurityDay, we came up with simple and easy actions you can take to reduce risk immediately, mitigate vulnerabilities, and protect your privacy and anonymity online.

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