Vicarius and Wise Solutions - Reaching New Heights With IT

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With information technology taking over the world, across almost every industry, there is no surprise that more companies are looking for advice on how to use these technologies to better their results. This is where Wise Solutions comes into play -- Helping organizations reach new heights with IT.

Yaron Gisin, CEO of Wise Solutions; Roi Cohen, VP Sales of Vicarius

But with the use of software comes software vulnerabilities. Luckily, Vicarius doesn't wait for cyber threats to be exposed to eliminate them. Instead, vulnerabilities are found and dealt with BEFORE they become an issue. And we are happy to announce that we are partnering with Wise Solutions to ensure that companies get the best use of IT, while also being protected. Wise is an Israeli based firm which provides comprehensive cybersecurity services like awareness training, vulnerability assessment and managed security services.

Together, Vicarius and Wise Solutions offer a comprehensive solution with the purpose of reducing the risk resulted by software vulnerability.

Michael Assraf, CEO & Co-Founder of Vicarius, commented, "I am very excited about the partnership with Wise and look forward to providing cybersecurity solutions that organizations need to comfortably use technology and better their work. And I would like to thank Wise CEO Yaron Gisin for his vision, and Head of Sales David Katz for his persistence in making this deal a reality."

About Vicarius

Vicarius is the first company in the world to detect software vulnerabilities before they become an issue. When companies buy software, they don't have much control over the vulnerabilities that come with it. That is why Vicarius has taken the responsibility of protecting software against exploitation. But unlike other cybersecurity companies, Vicarius doesn't need the source code, to install a patch or involve the vendor.

Vicarius is already protecting dozens of organizations worldwide with the powered platform, Topia. It's a complete and automatic solution for secure management of any software services in their network -- Never waiting for a vulnerability to be exposed to make a move.

About Wise Solutions

Based in Israel, Wise is an international company that provides technological consulting, distribution of unique products, and services involving IT, security and system infrastructure. Wise focuses on using smooth and fast integration of superior technologies to bring added value to clients, increasing the functionality and security of the IT environments. With the company's main priorities being security, compliance and ROI, Wise believes in implementing optimal and complete solutions that bring out their clients' full potential.

Written by Michael Assraf

CEO @ Vicarius

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