Vicarius and DReA - Out With The Old, In With The New Tech

They say don't fix what isn't broken, but what if the solutions could be made simpler? With Da Ros e Associati (DRea), expect to get only the most innovative, state-of-the-art technology that collapses old security layers.

Could Equifax’ 2017 Data Breach Be Avoided?

In 2017, sensitive information of over 140m US consumers was stolen from the major credit bureau -- Equifax. This was due to a known software bug within the Apache Struts framework, a popular application used by web developers to host Java applications, which was in use by the Equifax' IT infrastructure.

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A Cybersecurity Expert's Impression of Infosecurity Europe 2019

For those of you who were one of the 20,000 security professionals to attend this year’s Infosecurity Europe expo, we hope you had as great of a time as we did! And for those of you who didn’t attend, here is the breakdown of what you’ve missed:

Vicarius and i2ss - Safety First

Cybersecurity is crucial for any industry, but so is where you get your cybersecurity solutions. Not only do you want a team that can deliver, but also a team that cares about your safety. 'Safety First' is what the team at I2 Sistemas y Seguridad Informática (i2ss) always have in mind when they provide safeguard information security to their clients.

InfoSec 2019 London - Parties and Events

InfoSec London is the biggest cyber security conference in Europe.
We gathered the best events and parties for the week of June 4th.
Drop by our booth if you wish to hear about the next-gen of VA and patching, we're at X134!

Vicarius and Wise Solutions - Reaching New Heights With IT

With information technology taking over the world, across almost every industry, there is no surprise that more companies are looking for advice on how to use these technologies to better their results. This is where Wise Solutions comes into play -- Helping organizations reach new heights with IT.

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The Microsoft Vulnerability That Went Global In One Zero-Day

Microsoft Windows OS went from 100 to Zero-Day in little to no time on August 27, 2018. Although not many systems were affected, the attack went global. Here is a breakdown of the vulnerability that traveled the world:

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Meet Edward Amoroso, Vicarius' Newest Advisor!

If you don't know who Ed Amoroso is, then where have you been hiding? Ed has a plethora of success under his belt and is quite hard to miss in the cyber security world. And now, he can add a member to the Vicarius Advisory Board to the list!

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