Mac User? Pay Attention to These Threats

While Macs are typically more secure than their competitors, it does not mean they are impenetrable. Macs are vulnerable to cyber attacks as criminals are getting more sophisticated. Recently, Apple accidentally approved malware to run on MacOS. 

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Mac Ransomware: Fact or Fiction

There are different Mac security myths circulating among users. Therefore, how can you know if it’s fact or fiction? In this article, we’ll set the record straight when it comes to Mac ransomware and Mac cyber attacks.

Strengthening your WFH Cyber Hygiene

Over 60% percent of the world’s employees work remotely at least twice per week, and full-time remote workers are on the rise. Information security professionals have had to quickly adjust their strategies to tackle the newfound risk associated with the shift to WFH.

WFH Security Survival Guide

From flexibility in performing tasks to saving you from the stress of commuting to the workplace, there are many advantages of working from home.

What to Expect on Patch Tuesday

Microsoft releases security updates on Patch Tuesday every month. In order to manage these releases more efficiently, organizations and IT experts must know what to expect on Patch Tuesday.

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Patch Tuesday Dos and Don’ts

Patch Tuesday is the unofficial name of Microsoft’s scheduled release of the newest security fixes for its Windows operating system and other software applications, as documented in the Windows Security Updates Guide. Patch Tuesday occurs on the second Tuesday of every month.

What Patch Tuesday Means for Your Organization

We spend lots of time every month talking about the technical issues surrounding software updates, vulnerabilities, and the tools we use for patch management in our organization. However, the success of patch management depends on the coordination of everyone.

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Patch Tuesday Best Practices

If you have a Windows PC and you always keep it updated, then you are already familiar with Patch Tuesday. For people who don’t know, Patch Tuesday is normally the second Tuesday of every month when Microsoft releases their latest updates across all their products. This is a period when IT experts are ready to get the latest security patches installed and see the new things that Microsoft introduces. If you want to successfully install Patch Tuesday updates on your PC without any issues, you need to follow these best practices.

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