Malware - from A to Zero-day


From the theoretical work of John Von Neumann up to Zeus, Stuxnet and Cryptolocker, the malware world had seen a lot of changes and different means of accomplishing malicious goals.

Every consecutive year we can see an increase in the amount of detected malware, peaking this year alone over 500 Million different malware samples collected worldwide. While there are many cyber solutions out there, the vast majority of them stuck in the everlasting cat-and-mouse game - detect a malware, see how it looks or behaves, update policy, repeat.

We at Vicarius changed this paradigm.

The Challenge

At the beginning, the antivirus was developed, a piece of software which purpose is to prevent malware from running by creating a unique signature for every different malware detected. First, this looked promising yet this approach had a key flaw, the antivirus vendors must get familiar with the malware before able to create this unique signature.
As time goes by the antivirus vendors got more capabilities, due to the fact that forging a new malware became easier and faster over time. To cope with that the vendors came with more sophisticated signature techniques yet the main flaw still remained - someone must get hit.

The next attempt on the challenge came from the 'next-generation' solutions, developing products which detect attackers based on their behavior. Like antivirus, this behavior must be seen before someone can create a signature of it, following the same key flow.

In the world of targeted attacks, an all-time peak of malware samples and lower time to market of malware this paradigm became obsolete.

Vicarius Approach

Our approach to escape this paradigm is to harness the power of immunization. By looking at every computer as a device with a wide range of capabilities, we developed a complete solution which prevents the adversary from causing any damage on the spot.

Our Capability Driven Security is a pioneering approach to the challenge, preventing the attacker from using your device capabilities thus preventing him from causing any damage - from simple malware up to targeted APT's and Zero-day attacks.

From the moment Vicarius is up and running, it automatically detects your device key attack assets and creates a unique overlay which prevents and deceives the adversary from accomplishing its goals. We achieve that by deep learning your key company's assets and automatically generating a protection layer on top of that.

Our solution provides protection by preventing the adversary before the attempt, rather than wait for you to get hit.

Stay tuned!

Written by Michael Assraf

CEO @ Vicarius

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