A Cybersecurity Expert's Impression of Infosecurity Europe 2019


For those of you who were one of the 20,000 security professionals to attend this year’s Infosecurity Europe expo, we hope you had as great of a time as we did! And for those of you who didn’t attend, here is the breakdown of what you’ve missed:


Not your ordinary industry event

Industry events can get pretty tense. Whether you came on behalf of your company or decided to come on your own, expect to be bombarded by exhibitors who want to show you what they’ve got in hopes of getting a sale. But, this is not what you’d find at the Infosecurity Europe expo. The atmosphere was more relaxed and filled with professionals who truly care. You could find yourself lost in conversation with one of the exhibitors due to their passion to actually make a change in the cybersecurity world.

Back to business

Unlike events in the past, the professionals at the Infosecurity Europe expo meant business and didn’t fill you with sugar-coated information. Instead of dramatizing the issues of hackers and their threat to cybersecurity, you could expect to be treated with more straightforward topics, like costs and how to increase productivity.

Design taken to the max

Companies at this expo did not take their booth designs lightly. It was almost as if the expo was part cybersecurity, part art exhibit in an effort to bring people in, and we would like to say that it worked! Between the video displays and the interactive demonstrations, it was hard not to stop by every booth to learn more.

Israeli takeover

As an Israeli startup ourselves, we were proud to see over 30 Israeli companies taking part in the expo and explore the UK and European market. It’s not just about the US market anymore and we can’t wait to see more and more Israeli companies grow around the world.

A huge shoutout to our booth neighbours, Segasec, for their impressive turnkey solution, and NeuraLegion, for their latest, bug-free release of AI-powered application security testing! We're not forgetting our good friends at SentinelOne for their latest $120M Series D, and UK-based Webroot with a much anticipated Blackpoint Cyber integration. So much news, it's almost impossible to keep up!

The Infosecurity Europe expo was an incredible experience that was a breath of fresh air compared to other events in the past. If you weren’t able to participate this year, make sure to leave your calendars open for 2020 -- Vicarius will be waiting!

Written by Michael Assraf

CEO @ Vicarius

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